Development Expertise

Gridwealth applies 10 years of experience developing and owning large-scale renewable energy projects. We have spent more than $100 million to fund 150 commercial solar projects that annually generate thousands of megawatt (MW) hours of clean electricity. Gridwealth manages everything that is required to develop a successful energy project: design, financing, structural, electrical, civil engineering, permitting, installation, procurement, project management, commissioning, operations. long-term maintenance, and warranties. The company is rapidly expanding across the U.S.

Steady Rewards with

Zero Investment

With Gridwealth, you don’t need to worry about common concerns associated with renewable energy projects. We provide all development and construction financing, while you enjoy the benefits of fixed lease payments, regardless of asset performance. We assume development, financing, construction, and operational risks, while you enjoy the benefits of fixed lease payments regardless of asset performance.


Insight & Expertise

We continuously analyze state energy policies and programs to help clients best leverage renewable energy incentives across their entire real estate portfolios. From the Inflation Reduction Act to Utility interconnection rules, we apply our knowledge to your portfolio to identify the most favorable markets and maximize your revenue.

Gridwealth guides clients to prepare properties in emerging markets before line capacity constraints and utility interconnection delays restrict project development.


Suite of Services

In addition to renewable asset development, Gridwealth offers an integrated suite of energy services: retail electricity supply, demand response, community shared solar credits, renewable energy credits (REC) and carbon offsets. Combined, these services maximize your profit and energy efficiency.