Maximize the Value of Your Portfolio

With its suite of revenue generating energy solutions, Gridwealth assists investor-owned real estate owners capitalize on ESG and decarbonization mandates.

Value Soars While Resiliency Improves

Gridwealth finances, installs, owns, and operates integrated solar, storage, and Microgrids at no cost to our partners. We eliminate all financial and operational burdens while delivering significant financial and operational value.

Let Tenants and Buyers Flock to You

The shift towards emissions reporting will increase demand for ESG friendly real estate partners. Gridwealth empowers long-lasting, happy tenants and buyers.

Power Outages? Bring Them On

Renewable energy solutions, such as on-site generation, make a building more resilient to power outages and power fluctuations in the electricity grid. Give peace of mind to tenants and buyers who are concerned about reliability and resilience.

Make Sustainability Your Superpower

ESG reporting and Carbon Free Electricity are here to stay. Gridwealth helps you get ahead of the curve by implementing bottom-line friendly solutions that drive triple bottom-line goals.

Energy Solutions
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Rooftop and Parking Lot Canopy Solar

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