Property Owners


Your roof is an expense. We can help turn it into a profit-generating asset. With no investment requirement, Gridwealth will develop a rooftop or ground-mounted solar project that generates additional revenue while providing clean energy into the grid. If you are involved in a REIT or an investor-owned commercial real estate portfolio, we can help you be green and see green.


New Revenue

Gridwealth leases your unused rooftop or parking lot to install solar systems that we build, own, operate, and maintain. We assume all financial responsibility while you earn reliable revenue and enhance your property value.


Policy Experts

We continuously analyze the shifting renewable energy policies, regulations, and financial rules on a state-by-state basis. From the Inflation Reduction Act to utility interconnection guidelines, our expertise makes it simple for you to leverage the best opportunities for your properties.


Veteran Team

With over a decade of experience and a full spectrum of services, Gridwealth handles every aspect of asset development: permitting, designing, financing, constructing, and eventually operation & maintenance, we focus on our business so you can focus on yours.


Green Tenants

More companies are adopting green policies. At the same time, electrical demand is on the rise. A solar project by Gridwealth addresses both issues by and can make your property even more attractive to potential tenants.