gridwealth POWERS

Optimal Revenue

Our advantage in community-shared solar services is the result of our experience in developing, operating, and trading in all aspects of the new energy marketplace. We built and tuned our customer acquisition, billing, and asset maximization platform for use on our own assets. See how we can put it to work for you.

Profit for Independent Power Producers

With our experience and wide-ranging participation in the new energy marketplace, we understand the challenges you face. That’s why we offer a full suite of solar developer and IPP solutions from operations and management capabilities to affordable access to a portfolio of high-quality offtake clients. See how we can help your business.


We offer a full suite of services to help you achieve your project goals, including:


Our Community Shared Solar customer acquisition and management service will simplify your customer acquisition and customer satisfaction.

Joint Development,
Ownership & Acquisition

We have been partnering with solar developers for almost a decade. We collaborate on projects for development, construction, finance, and long-term ownership.

& Maintenance

We offer best-in-class operation and maintenance of existing energy assets. Our portfolio of assets has an average mechanical uptime of 98.5%.  With our experience and expertise, we can maximize the productivity of your facilities.


Our broad experience gives you access to services beyond traditional Community Shared Solar programs:

  • REC Brokerage Services
  • Battery Modeling and Dispatch
  • ISO NE Lead Market Participant Services
  • PPA, VPPA, and wholesale market


We are a full service partner with internal development, monetization, and O&M services.
This allows us to maximize your revenue and transact with certainty and speed.

High-quality off-takers with unbeatable acquisition costs

Our CSS customer acquisition services focus on commercial and municipal offtake. Gridwealth’s unique service offering and pricing structure maximize revenue and ensure that community-shared solar benefits support local economies.

Shared Customers, Shared Revenue Streams

We offer a broad array of additional products and services and with our profit-sharing policy, IPPs get a portion of the revenue.  Gridwealth’s Profit Sharing Program. enhances your customer loyalty, reduces churn, and feeds new revenue to you as an IPP owner.

Collaboration, Transparency, and Efficiency

A core Gridwealth value is transparency.  This is especially evident in our approach to joint ventures and acquisitions. We believe in true partnerships and we have a decade of experience and history to back that up. If this sounds good to you, drop us a line.