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Focus on your business and partner with Gridwealth to solve your energy challenges. We offer an integrated suite of energy services to drive your revenue and maximize your savings.

Simplify Your

Energy Management

Gridwealth is an expert in energy cost management, providing effective tools for reducing electricity costs through solar assets, battery storage, demand response, tailored retail electricity products, and community shared solar discounts .

As your committed partner, we handle everything from initial analysis to financing, design, construction, operations, and maintenance, ensuring long-term savings and the generation of new revenue streams for your business.


Your Revenue

Every dollar counts when it comes to your business. We pay you the highest lease rates in the industry for space to install our solar and battery storage solutions. With no financial responsibility or liability you receive the benefits through a annual lease payment or an upfront payout that can be used to pay for capital needs.


In the Market

Our connected services provide you with solutions to your energy challenges while showing your customers and vendors that you are advancing your ESG and carbon reduction goals.

Drive Your Profit

With Our Policy Insights

With over 150 projects under our belt, we’ve developed significant know how. Our expertise in the constantly shifting matrix of Federal and State incentives means we can help you generate new revenue streams that were previously unavailable.

Our Approach

We Handle It All

Initial analysis, ownership option presentation, financing, construction, and through generation.

Gridwealth supports your ESG goals through-out the entire process.