Maximize your profitability by partnering with a full-service firm specializing in asset monetization and management. Plus, earn commission on our comprehensive suite of integrated services sold to your customers.

Ease the Burden of Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is an expensive capital outlay that can sometimes be a burden before project revenue flows. Gridwealth solves this with flexible customer acquisition fee contracting. Tap into our flexible and custom acquisition model and relieve cash flow stress.

Managment Fees that Drop

Solar project generation degrades over time – don’t let your revenue go down with it. Gridwealth’s de-escalated management fees decrease over time to align with your project’s lifecycle.

Generate New Revenue with Shared Customers

Get paid for every product or service sold to shared customers.We pay you like a channel partner for every product and service we sell to shared customers.. This strategy reduces customer acquisition costs, saves customers more money, produces more loyal customers, reduces management overhead, and continually feeds more revenue to the IPP.

Capture Lost Revenue with Flexible Contracts

CSS discount rates fall over time as markets mature. Static discount rates leave money on the table. Gridwealth recovers this lost revenue and shares it with our IPP clients with unique contracts that allow us to reduce the discount rate over the project lifecycle.

Far Beyond Traditional Management

Gridwealth is a full-service asset monetization and management firm offering an integrated suite of services:

  • CSS Customer Acquisition, Billing and Management
  • REC Brokerage Services
  • O&M Services
  • Competitive Structured Finance
  • Battery Modeling and Dispatch
  • ISO NE Lead Market Participant Services
  • PPA, VPPA and Carbon Free Energy Management

Maximize the Profitability of Your Projects