Break free from the
constraints of monopoly utilities

Upgrade to a local electricity provider

As a local MA supplier, Gridwealth navigates the state’s electricity market challenges to offer reliable, customized, and competitive energy solutions.

Save money with fixed or
variable rate options

With solutions tailored to your business, Gridwealth is the ultimate choice for optimizing your energy purchasing. Get the fixed or variable rate options you need and select the perfect plan to match your business model, budget, and energy demands.

  • With fixed rates, get price certainty and the ability to budget and manage your energy costs. You’ll lock in your low rate for a chosen time period and eliminate the risk and surprise of changing rates.
  • Or get the best current price available with a zero commitment, month-to-month variable rate plan that fluctuates based on market rates.

It’s time to control your energy spending. Are you ready to check out our rates or sign up for one of our programs?

Unlock Hidden Savings

We want to drive down your energy spend. That’s why we offer a range of services designed to help you reduce your electricity consumption and optimize your energy efficiency. When you partner with Gridwealth we will unveil potential cost-reductions and recommend solutions like Community Shared Solar, Demand Response, Battery Storage, and other energy savings.

Optimize Your  Operations

Our qualifying customers can benefit from a no cost HVAC and building operations assessment to optimize their heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, increasing efficiency and maximizing comfort. These savings often result in energy savings of over 30%.

keep it simple

Gridwealth’s supply service will appear directly on the supply section of your Utility bill. There’s no separate billing or payment.

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go local

When you partner with us, you’ll work with a Massachusetts-based energy supplier that knows how to make state and regional programs work for you. We care about your community and your satisfaction, so you can rely on superior local customer service and invest in your local economy.

Break Free From the Monopoly

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