Supporting Your Business

A range of energy solutions

  • Commercial & Industrial Solar Systems – Rooftop, Canopy, & Ground
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Community Shared Solar Projects
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Energy Consulting Services

Commercial & Industrial

Solar for Rooftop, Canopy, and Ground Installations

Over a decade of experience installing large-scale solar projects on commercial & industrial property

  • We develop, finance, construct, own, and operate the system
  • Or we sell the system to the building owner and manage it for them

Address the Demand Portion of Your Electricity Cost

Battery Energy Storage Systems

  • Reduce Peak Demand
  • Participate in Demand Response Programs
  • Participate in independent system operator (ISO) and distribution incentive programs (See ConnectedSolutions )
  • Provide Backup Power

Gridwealth Develops

Community Shared Solar Projects

Utility Credits from these projects are assigned to commercial entities and offset utility charges.

Programs vary from state to state and should be taken advantage of whenever available.

Gridwealth develops Community Shared Solar Projects at manufacturing sites as this can lead to higher incomes than directly powering the host facility.

Existing Energy Assets

Operations & Maintenance

Gridwealth operates a portfolio of assets and is averaging 98.5% mechanical uptime.

Let us inspect and review your asset’s uptime average.

Underperformance is the norm for firms that don’t own solar and battery assets at scale.

Once committed to a site, Gridwealth stocks replacement parts ensuring minimal downtime and single- service truck rolls.

ESG Compliance

Energy Consulting

Hosting renewable energy assets on your property reduces green-house-gas emissions (GHG), which in turn supports components of your environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) decarbonization goals.

Thousands of companies are using onsite solar to generate renewable energy and reach a U.S. goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Gridwealth’s sustainability experts guide your business through growing regulations and carbon accounting to measure and manage emissions. We provide consistent energy production reporting to support your governance and compliance needs.

Commercial energy consumers can benefit from customized electricity management and supply options.

  • Gridwealth offers strategies to lower your electricity usage and costs.
  • We simplify and coordinate all your power management needs.

Gridwealth offers a convenient method to market and maximize the compensation for your generated RECs and AECs.

Gridwealth will optimize and manage energy storage assets in programs that maximize revenue. We combine seasonal operating strategies with dispatch controls.

Gridwealth analyzes your energy consumption pattern during peak and off-peak usage.

We enroll your business in special programs to financially compensate when your electricity usage is reduced.

We identify energy efficiency and consumption reduction practices in your buildings to ensure occupant comfort and less impact on the environment.