Gridwealth partnered with the Barre Housing Authority to provide technical assistance with cash incentives for heat efficiency upgrades at the 49 Grandview Terrace Bldgs 1-4. Gridwealth provided assistance with eligibility, application completion, board approval and monetization of the Alternative Energy Certificates (AECs) available to Barre Housing Authority. As a result, Gridwealth secured a significant payment for the energy certificates that will be allocated to building and grounds improvements.


The Barre Housing Authority will receive alternative energy certificate funds for their installation of qualified air source heat pumps in 52 apartment units. The Housing Authority, under the leadership of Paul A. Teixeira, plans to use these funds to improve the lives of their tenants through outdoor space upgrades including benches, gardens, and picnic tables.

These are among the list of benefits these residents will receive as a result of their environmental stewardship and partnership with Gridwealth.

The Gridwealth team helped our Housing Authority navigate through the Massachusetts AEC process and provided patience and expertise to make it simple. They referred us to another Housing Authority, which was critical to our success with the board of directors. I had a great experience working with Marin and Anthony and am quite happy to receive the financial rewards for installing Air Source Heat Pumps in our building.

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The Barre Housing Authority was established to provide safe, decent and affordable housing opportunities in the Town of Barre and remains committed to this mission.

They are committed to providing opportunities to people who experience barriers to housing because of income or disability in an environment that preserves personal dignity, and in a manner that maintains the public trust. To learn more, please visit



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