Gridwealth is on a mission to support the Rhode Island community through charity, renewable energy, and savings for all.

As the climate crisis becomes acute, nonprofits want to do right by their community but often lack the resources of larger organizations to implement sustainable initiatives. But climate action does not need to be complicated to have meaningful impact on the community.

Rhode Island Virtual Net Metering, or community solar, is a win-win solution for nonprofits in the Ocean State. Between the savings and the opportunity to join the shift to supporting renewable energy (without upfront costs or operational changes), nonprofits already have nothing to lose. Now, Gridwealth’s Nonprofits Helping Nonprofits initiative is adding to the wins.

Save, Sustain, Support

Rhode Island may be the smallest state, but its community is stronger for it. Nonprofits Helping Nonprofits aims to utilize the unique relationships between the organizations serving Rhode Island to offer an accessible and affordable renewable energy option to as many nonprofits as possible. In turn, those that enroll will:

Save up to 25% on their electric bill through local community shared solar programs without the traditional upfront costs, installation of rooftop solar, or changes to their energy provider.

Contribute to a more sustainable Rhode Island.

Support their nonprofit network to enjoy the benefits of community solar (and receive a donation for doing so). On top of that, a nonprofit subscription to community solar also supports local jobs and boosts economic activity for local businesses.

Renewable Energy Made for Nonprofits

Unlike most grants and donations, there are no limits on how nonprofits can use the money they save on electricity through community solar – which can translate to more programs, new hires, and more. The Nonprofits Helping Nonprofits initiative is simple:

  • Register for a free, no commitment energy assessment and receive a charitable donation from Gridwealth
  • Save up to 25% on your electric bill
  • Refer another Rhode Island nonprofit and receive a second charitable donation if they do an energy assessment.
  • Support local renewable energy

With the imminent threat of climate change and looming pressure to act now, Nonprofits Helping Nonprofits provides Rhode Island nonprofits with a solution that actually benefits the entire organization and community.

To learn more about the Nonprofits Helping Nonprofits initiative at Gridwealth, contact us.