Business owners know that managing energy and keeping up with new technology can be a hassle — and with a global pandemic in full swing, now is certainly not the time for more hassles. At Gridwealth, we understand you are busy running your company and don’t have time to manage all of your energy needs. That’s why we do it for you and pay you for the opportunity.

Gridwealth’s focus is to make energy management a simple, stress-free experience. That’s why we partner with business owners to reduce energy costs and add new lines of revenue. Let us utilize our expertise to unleash your business’ earning power today!

Custom Solutions for All Clients

We know that every customer is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for commercial owners. Gridwealth works with each client to customize solutions to fit their specific energy needs and priorities. We help illuminate all of the untapped energy potential for your buildings through Solar PV on rooftops and parking lots, battery storage, and electric vehicle charging stations. Gridwealth can also reduce your energy bill with solutions like community-shared solar, custom electricity products, building system optimization, and demand management.

Some of these may sound like expensive upgrades that your business can’t afford during these difficult times, but Gridwealth can help pay for those upgrades — which will increase your property’s value and create a new revenue stream for your company. For example, some owners delay a rooftop Solar PV project because they need a new roof. Gridwealth can help pay for the roof upgrade so it becomes a win-win decision. Great news, right? Gridwealth approaches each new customer as a partnership and an opportunity to build a lasting, long-term relationship.

Plus, we worry about all of the complicated paperwork and headache-inducing managerial aspects of your energy needs so you don’t have to! That means you get the revenue and savings you want without additional work or worry. Savings and revenue opportunities are abundant, and our goal at Gridwealth is to keep money in your pocket while keeping the lights on.

Energy as a Service

Through our Vendor Marketplace of approved service providers, Gridwealth provides a full suite of energy solutions to commercial and industrial business owners. A solid support network is more important than ever, which is why Gridwealth can offer you a worry-free energy management experience that builds long-term revenue and creates ongoing savings to maximize your bottom line while minimizing your time investment.

While many energy companies offer one or two services, Gridwealth takes an integrated approach to our customers’ energy needs. Not ready for solar on your rooftop? No problem. We also offer on-bill savings through our community-shared solar program. While building energy is complex, Gridwealth brings together the best providers to coordinate the experience, saving you precious time and money.

Ready to get started? Simply give our Gridwealth team a call, and we’ll help energize your bottom line!