Gridwealth Corporation’s Director of Operations Marin Goldstein is pictured here with Ruben Reyes, Executive Director from Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen. Marin, together with Paige, helped in shopping and the delivery of meals.

2020 has been like no other. Many major fundraising events have been canceled due to the pandemic, and many nonprofits are struggling to make ends meet. Unfortunately, the demand for community support services has pushed many agencies to the breaking point. That’s why we, at Gridwealth, have stepped up to the plate.

Gridwealth joined forces with Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen in Chicopee, MA, last week to help raise money to feed individuals and families during this holiday season. As a Benefit Corporation with a long history of service, Gridwealth knows that giving back to the community is a great responsibility, especially during these trying times.

Typically, Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen distributes food donations to 30-40 families per day. However, during the COVID-19 crisis, the need has doubled to about 70-80 families per day. In addition to those meals, Lorraine’s also makes meals-to-go five days a week and has been feeding 50 additional families per day. With so many mouths to feed, it has been a struggle for them to keep the lights on for the volunteers and employees hard at work to make a difference.

Spearheading the event for Gridwealth Corporation is staff accountant, Paige McCormick.

But the holiday season brings good news and renewed hope. Together, Gridwealth and Mass American Energy, raised $1,420 in food and cash donations to keep the meals coming for those who utilize Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen services.

Our friends at Stop and Shop were incredibly helpful in preparing this large order and gave us a generous $50 gift card to buy even more food for the cause. Because of all the collaborative efforts, we were able to deliver a whopping 838 pounds of food to families in need.

Regardless of the season we value our community and take our responsibility seriously as a local business. Community means everyone, and it is important to remember that we are all in this together.

We invite our customers, partners and friends to continue to spread the holiday cheer throughout the year. If you would like to learn more about the great work that Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen is doing and/or would like to donate, please visit their website.