APRIL 2021 – Gridwealth Corporation (GridwealthC) recently received approval to expand their community energy services to clients in Rhode Island, Maine, and New York.

The expansion of Massachusetts-based Gridwealth brings their industry-leading customer acquisition, billing, administration, and management to the greater Northeast Community Energy market. Gridwealth stands apart from traditional community energy service providers as their EDI connections grant them the unique capability to communicate directly with utilities to monitor customers’ energy usage in real-time to mitigate risks of default and attrition and provide clients with impactful data.

With our custom, risk-averse community energy services, we at Gridwealth are thrilled to expand to Rhode Island, Maine, and New York. We look forward to maximizing project value for our clients as we continue to chart new territory and expand our offerings.
– Todd Ford, Gridwealth Founder & CEO

Gridwealth is a unique Community Energy service provider, as they offer a full-service approach to renewable energy developers and owners. Gridwealth can broker environmental attributes such as SRECs and can also provide O&M services to clients. Gridwealth can facilitate Power Purchase Agreements for their clients and also offer joint development or portfolio purchase options.

But the core of Gridwealth’s service is their focus on stable and reliable Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers. As a vertically integrated energy solutions company, Gridwealth works with a host of C&I clients across multiple industries. These customers form the foundation of a secure, reliable offtake portfolio that directly benefits Community Energy project developers. Gridwealth’s Energy-as-a-Service offerings soon to follow in RI, ME, and NY include the Revenue+ solar lease model for C&I real estate owners and developers, retail electricity supply informed by IoT analytics.

About Gridwealth: Gridwealth is an innovative energy management firm and retail energy supplier. In addition to being an industry-leading community energy service provider, Gridwealth is a curated marketplace of best-in-class products and services. With advanced analytics and technology, Gridwealth creates savings and revenue for commercial and industrial businesses while simplifying and coordinating energy needs with no upfront costs.

For more information on Gridwealth, please visit hampshirepower.com or LinkedIn.

Stephen Condon