Community shared energy is a win-win solution – subscribers support local, renewable energy and save money in the process. So why is the industry troubled by high attrition and default risk? Unfortunately, the traditional community energy solution has been a slash and burn customer acquisition strategy with little or no deep customer relationship. This leaves independent power producers (IPPs) vulnerable to high attrition and default, resulting in lost revenue and challenging underwriting. Gridwealth is dedicated to meeting this challenge head on and delivering the most reliable revenue to our IPP clients. 

Gridwealth (GridwealthC) is a jackpot of loyal, reliable, and qualified customers eager to tap in to community energy savings. The comprehensive nature of GridwealthC’s offerings creates a vibrant network of high quality Commercial & Industrial (C&I) customers, and we welcome the opportunity to bridge the gap between community energy projects and the right subscribers. 

GridwealthC Customer Network

From commercial real estate owners and developers to municipalities and public entities, Gridwealth’s customer base is made up exclusively of successful, stable, and reliable organizations. Our growing customer base spans across the Northeast and is continuously growing. Despite the diversity among our network of customers, the commonality between them all is their readiness to subscribe to, and reliably pay for, cost-cutting renewable energy projects.  

Our rich network of C&I customers benefits our IPP partners in the following ways:

  • Our full suite of products and services make for happy and loyal customers who pay on time and consistently.  
  • Our existing customer base serves as the foundation for customer acquisition, which significantly cuts the time it takes to fill projects. Instead of starting our outreach from scratch for every project, we are continually expanding our network of high-quality customers and can sleeve them into new Community Energy projects at any time.
  • Customer re-acquisition at GridwealthC is as rapid as our initial fulfillment. The useful life of a solar project spans decades, meaning even some of the most reliable subscribers are bound to come and go. But our constant network expansion protects against churned kWh that the stop-and-go outreach strategies of traditional service providers are more vulnerable to.

The GridwealthC Difference

The Gridwealth difference goes beyond our network of qualified customers. We do more than community energy. As a retail electricity supplier, Gridwealth has the ability to communicate directly with the utility through electronic data interchange (EDI), which allows for customer data validation and allocation management. Our exceptional insight into customers’ energy usage in real-time makes for incredible attrition and default risk mitigation. And because of that, we guarantee our IPP partners get paid in full or we waive our fee.  

Our customers are ideal subscribers, but as energy providers ourselves we understand how the needs of each project differ. That’s why we’re flexible when it comes to customer acquisition. Our project owning partners are able to bring their own anchors, and even hire a different service provider to perform a level customer acquisition. Either way, we’ll organize customer contracts, disclosure forms, and allocations forms. 

Community Energy projects satisfy the triple bottom line – people, planet, and profit. But this win-win-win solution only works with the right customers. Gridwealth is the bridge between developers and loyal, eager, and qualified customers ready to commit to community energy projects. 

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