The smallest state in the nation packs a punch when it comes to climate action. From pioneering offshore wind in the US to establishing incentive programs for solar, Rhode Island continues to facilitate clean energy solutions in pursuit of aggressive climate goals. In April, Governor McKee signed the Act on Climate bill into law, requiring the state to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. While this may seem like a tall task, environmental legislation doesn’t just help the mitigation of climate change — it creates reliable energy savings for participants. With the generous Remote Net Metering program sponsored by the State and Utility, Rhode Islanders are able to save money every month while supporting local renewable energy.

What is Remote Net Metering?

Unfortunately, things like rental properties, roof orientation, tree shade, and expensive upfront installation costs prevent most people from enjoying rooftop solar. Remote Net Metering provides a win-win solution in which Rhode Islanders can support renewable energy while saving money. Simply put, Remote Net Metering programs rely on large-scale solar PV arrays that feed into the local grid in cooperation with the utility. Nonprofits and organizations are eligible to subscribe to these solar arrays and receive a 10% to 15% discount on their electric bill credits each month. Essentially, Remote Net Metering allows Rhode Islanders to leverage available arrays to access the cost saving benefits of solar by subscribing to local renewable energy — without the hassle of panel installation or any upfront costs.

Remote Net Metering helps organizations decrease their carbon footprint while contributing cash to their budgets. This is especially impactful for nonprofit organizations in the Ocean State. Nonprofits are extremely resourceful, but grants and donations are often tied to specific accounts and purposes and barred from use by others. These solar savings give nonprofits agency over the money they save on electricity. In addition to supporting the community through local renewable energy, Remote Net metering can translate to building repairs, new hires, and more.

Energy Management Made Simple

Rhode Island boldly embraces new clean energy solutions that benefit people and the planet, but navigating a constantly evolving energy landscape can be challenging. Gridwealth takes the pain out of energy solutions. As a Benefit-corporation, we use our energy industry expertise to simplify and coordinate energy decisions. From there, we take care of the regulatory work to deliver maximum savings and credits.

Gridwealth is a comprehensive energy advisor, meaning we have a full-suite of renewable energy services to optimize your existing operations. From ground source heat to community energy, Gridwealth finds hidden revenue streams through curated energy solutions. We serve as the bridge between organizations and renewable energy savings, and we welcome the opportunity to help Rhode Island meet its energy goals.

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