While traditional service providers turn away from this growing aspect of renewable energy, Gridwealth embraces the opportunity to influence the direction of this inevitable shift in the industry. We actively service IPPs that wish to increase their project revenue by meeting the LMI requirements across each state and program including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and other emerging markets like New Mexico and Pennsylvania.

Massachusetts SMART Program with LICSS 

It’s no secret that revenues for SMART projects have become limited. However, as Massachusetts-based energy industry veterans ourselves, we use our deep experience and expertise to help IPPs convert their projects to Low Income Community Shared Solar (LICSS), gaining an extra $0.06/kWh adder using our LICSS eligible customers.  This is an immediate opportunity for our clients who wish to take advantage of substantially increased project revenue before the LICSS adder tranches are filled.  

Powered by Hansen Technologies, we’ve connected numerous LICSS eligible customers to projects under management in all Massachusetts utility service territories through our competitive management solutions and enterprise-grade technology. We uniquely maximize your revenues across LICSS projects with a wrapped attrition package to meet the needs of your financing. 

Comprehensive Energy Experts

Gridwealth, an energy management firm and retail energy supplier, optimizes revenues across portfolios under management by connecting dependable customers with community energy projects throughout the nation. We create additional revenue streams for our project owning partners unlike any other service provider on the market today, and our work converting projects to meet LMI program standards is no different. We successfully streamline the application and implementation of LMI programs to meet both state and project specific goals and, ultimately, create more revenue for the IPP and more savings for our underserved communities. Put simply, Gridwealth LMI/LICSS eligible customers translate to more revenue with limited risk for our project owners.  

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